Act Silly Sometimes

Life can be too serious. Let your kids see you laugh, make funny faces, and chase them around the house saying, “I’m gonna get you!” says Dr. Domar

Let go and act silly sometimes. It’s healthy. Do things that promote laughter and good times. Young and old alike benefit from the crazy, goofy moments of spontaneous fun that happen when we take a break from our responsible expected behaviors and let our happy come out to play.

Are you feeling stuck and the rut getting deeper? Have the blues been hanging around like an unwelcome guest? Could life be hungering for a dash of hilarity to spice it up? Then nothing is going to feel better than to do something silly.

Remember “silly”? Yeah, that crazy, zany, happy feeling you had as a kid when you did whatever you felt like and didn’t worry what anyone else thought and just did fun stuff.

It’s time to awaken a sense of silly! Silly does it’s best work in the presence of others.

Family is a great place to act out silly stuff. Put on some dress up clothes and watch your little girl smile. Add the tutu, even if it only fits around one leg and watch the giggles burst forth. Pretend to eat worms with your son. The thought of doing something gross goes over big with little ones. Tickle toes and make funny faces. Tell wholesome jokes ; yes, they do exist. Make up rhymes and songs that are nonsensical. Act out a favorite character from a story book or TV show. Take silly pictures with the cell phone or make surprise snacks full of unusual foods. Dare one another to do funny stunts [balance a book on their heads, hop across the yard on one foot, eat eggs without silverware, etc]. The ideas for “silly” are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Imagination is amazing [but keep the silly safe] and let loose those light-hearted spirits.At the end of the day, positive vibes will linger.

Silly is a great stress reliever, too.

For our minds to relax we need a change of pace. A few hours, a day off from work. It’s interesting how the Bible tells us that laughter is good medicine and advises us to take time for play. Leisure and laughter are necessary parts of a balanced life. Medical science agrees.

It’s smart to find time to bless ourselves with more laughter and less stress.┬áLife will have plenty of serious moments and work that requires our utmost attention, but happy faces should become part of our daily routine, too. Children learn to balance serious and silly when parents model impromptu occasions of goofy behaviors. This teaches them to let life be more than work and doing what has to be done according to the rules set upon us. Attitudes typically improve after an unexpected visit from Miss Silly or Mr. Goofy. There’s lots to be gained by taking time to drink from a mind satisfying cup of funny stuff only visitors like these can add to an otherwise very focused keep our-nose-to-the-grindstone kind of day.