Is it possible to recognize the best gifts ever? For me, it works when I quell the distractions. 

Some of the best gifts show up in unexpected ways. They probably aren’t wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow. Most are sheltered beneath God’s grace. There is no other explanation for these blessings other than God made them so. Let me explain.

One summer day, while exploring multiple yard sales on the Long Beach, Washington peninsula, my husband suddenly realized he’d lost his new prescription eye glasses. We’d made so many stops, the chances of finding them was pretty slim. After praying, we retraced our route, returning to some of the sale sites, and leaving his name and phone number perchance a miracle would happen.

The Gift: What Was Lost is Found

After lunch, resigned to the reality that we wouldn’t see those $300 glasses again, we began the drive back to our campsite. Before we reached the end of town, Jerry’s phone rang. A man on the other end of the line had found Jerry’s glasses in a bin full of baseball hats! Wow! We praised God for delivering such a good gift.

Often God allows what at first glance seems an impossible dilemma to overcome, to turn into a blessing. In this case, an unfamiliar person was given eyes to see what we’d lost. This was one of the best gifts ever.

This brings to mind the words of Jesus in Luke 17:21, “…the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

His faithful presence continues to dwell upon the earth. Miracles still happen. People like you and me are given hearts of compassion for the good of others. God designed us to participate in giving the “best gifts” that display His amazing grace upon the earth.

Become The Best Gift

On another day, I became a “best gift” giver. Upon leaving the gym, I observed a woman asking the receptionist how to find a particular business on Sunnybrook Road. She’d taken the city transit across town but was unfamiliar with the area. I overheard the conversation but didn’t get involved. I headed to my car. But in my spirit I knew I could help; I knew where she was trying to go. I felt God wanted me to offer her a ride. “Okay, Lord, I’m listening.” I stood by my car. It wasn’t long before she came out and began to walk across the parking lot.

“Hi. I heard you asking directions. I know where that building is and can take you there if you don’t mind riding with a stranger.”

“Oh, yes. That would be such a big help. Thank you so much. This is my first day on a new job and it won’t look good if I’m late for the orientation.”

Once in the car, she told me more. “You are my angel. This morning I prayed an angel would show up to help me today.” Her words touched my heart. Becoming someone’s “best gift” sure blessed me. The only cost to me was time and willingness to obey God’s gentle nudge.

When the Holy Spirit works through you, it’s an incredibly exciting yet very humbling experience. . . . there is no way you earned the privilege. . . . When he leads you to do or say something, all you need do is trust him and yield yourself to what he’s trying to do.[1]

[1] Unleash the Miraculous Everyday, The Spirit Contemporary Life, Leon Fontaine, Day 3