Blended Families—Creating Harmony as You Build a New Home Life

Today more Americans live in stepfamilies than in traditional families.

  • The blended home is the most difficult home to live in.
  • Often there is conflict from 3 households impacting the family in your home.
  • Blending doesn’t just happen. We make deliberate choices.
  • Sixty percent of second marriages fail to survive.
  • Strong, loving and supportive blended families are possible.
  • In the pages of Blended Families, you will learn to form a strong one-flesh marriage, put away bouts of anger, develop positive discipline methods, understand the role of guilt and shame, plan money matters, and include fun for each family member.
  • Blended Families is an excellent tool for the individual, pre-marrieds, those already in a stepfamily, small group setting, or a counselor’s office. Questions accompany the end of each chapter to help you implement change within your family.

$14.99 at your local bookstore or online: Blended Families .
ISBN 0-8024-3056-2

Endorsed by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott:

“This book is desperately needed and long overdue. Anyone in a “ready-made” family will find biblical guidance in its pages for overcoming some of the most difficult and complicated relationships of our age. Maxine Marsolini not only knows first hand about the gritty problems blended families face, she knows how to solve them.”