The role of a Coach is to help you discover your untapped potential, identify your strengths, instill confidence, and provide the clarity and focus necessary for the development of an amazing future.

A Coach wants you to be the best you can be. Identifying your personal success pattern frees you to move beyond tolerations, assumed constraints, and old behaviors, into new action steps that complement your life’s purpose. With the help of a Coach you will be empowered to not only honor your values but to become your authentic self at home and on the job. Working with a Coach is taking the time to invest in you. The results will astound you. The life you want is not a pipe dream. It is most likely well within your reach.

Contact Maxine for coaching services. You can begin by taking advantage of a free introductory 30-minute coaching session to determine if coaching can help you attain your life goals. Hourly rates, expectations, and the setting up of future coaching appointments are discussed. Payment is quick and easy by using the below Buy Now link to the PayPal site. Pricing: 0-1 hour $35, 2 hours $70, or 3 hours of coaching $100.

Do you need a life coach?

Your answers to the 12 statements below will help you decide if you are ready to work with a coach.

___ I am willing to invest in myself to create changes in my life
___ I am not looking for a quick fix
___ I am willing to discover my strengths and identify my weaknesses in order to remove the behaviors that are preventing my success
___ I will take responsibility for my future knowing I am the only one who can create my story
___ I will not expect my Coach to do more than coach me to be my personal best
___ I will be completely honest with my Coach
___ I am ready to hear the truth even when it confronts me in an uncomfortable way
___ I want to live from this day forward as my authentic self
___ I understand coaching is not counseling, or therapy, but a process for change to take place
___ I am willing to commit to keeping the scheduled coaching appointments
___ I am ready to work on the action steps spoken about in the coaching sessions
___ I understand I will be working with a Christ-centered Coach who brings Christian concepts into the process.

I have placed X’s before ____ statements.
Less than 5 = No, not coachable right now
6-8 = Yes, coachable if you are ready to conform to above statements
9-12 = Yes, very coachable and willing to honor the process and make progress!

If your score indicates you are ready to be coached contact Maxine Marsolini for the gift of a complimentary coaching session.

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