Finish the Year Well

It’s possible to finish the year well despite our circumstances. If it hasn’t been a super feel-good year, then look ahead. There are always choices to make. Or, if the year drawing to a close was a really good one worth repeating, stay the course. Either way, the transition will happen. We will close one year and begin another. The calendar declares it so. With the right attitude, we can move into the new with a positive outlook.

How to Finish the Year Well

Let’s ask ourselves a few tough questions alongside some practical solutions:

  1. Am I carrying a grudge? Let it go. Forgive the offense.
  2. Do I feel like I’ve failed? At what? Choose to, with God’s help, try again.
  3. Am I lovable? If not, what is stopping me from being who I want to be.
  4. Am I approachable? Do others feel safe bringing their concerns to me? Purpose to do what it takes to be a good listener.
  5. Do I have empathy for others? Pray for the ability to think beyond self; to put others first.
  6. How much money did I give over the past twelve months? Was I reasonably generous? Be deliberate. Include “giving” in the family’s monthly budget. But also give some volunteer time, too.
  7. Am I argumentative and unwilling to change? Discover God’s will is to put away unhealthy anger. Pray for anger to only be expressed in positive ways.
  8. How big a role does faith play in my life? Determine to spend time in God’s word and prayer each day.
  9. Am I content? Do I live within my means or spend beyond safe limits? Create, and live within, a realistic spending plan to protect the family’s financial security.
  10. Do I count my blessings? How often? This is one of the best ways to finish the year well. Make it a habit to recall blessings. In doing so we are less likely to start the New Year with yesterday’s negative baggage tagging along.

Happy New Year to All

We can finish one year well and greet the New Year with a smile. Attitude trumps circumstances every time. Let’s agree to step into the New Year with expectant hearts open to receive every blessing God has in store for us.