Help All Moms Enjoy a Happy Mothers Day

This Mother’s Day let’s not take mothering lightly. Let’s look beyond the usual realm of mothers in pretty homes and fashionable attire. After driving past a homeless tent city beneath the freeway overpass, I know some of those women are mothers, too. Moms everywhere are worthy of celebrating. To overlook the moms who live in tents, on the streets, and stand in long lines for food and safe shelter is unkind. Some have their children beside them while others long to be reunited with their sons and daughters. Yes, they’ve fallen on ┬áhard times, and life isn’t tidy, but the heart of a mother runs deep. The tears are real when our babies cry and we have nothing to offer them.

Open Hearts to Those Mothers in Need (Moms Who are Homeless)

The Portland Rescue Mission and it’s Shepherd’s Door Ministry is a place of safety for women and children. The space is limited, but hope of bettering life is limitless and precious. The link provided shares the heart of children and moms in ways most of us don’t see. I’ve volunteered in this facility and it warms my heart to see the opportunity given these women. They see a way out and want that for themselves and their boys and girls. There’s no lack of smiles and hugs. Mentors provide training in skills and healthy parenting.

Most communities have shelters serving homeless populations.

These are real people, women who are no different than you and me. Will we drive by and wish them well . . . or will we reach out and help? An interesting question. The video clip found through the above link brings attention to this dire need and gives ideas of how to help.

Please pray about how to reach out. Maybe your role will be to send money to organizations that are trying to stand in the gap. Perhaps you can drop off used clothing and unwanted household items. Or, you might be skilled enough to teach or mentor. Your heart might long to lend an hour each week volunteering; coming alongside those in need in tangible ways at a food bank, shelter, or church program.