Raising Children in Blended Families

RaisingChildren2Blended families are becoming more common in today’s society.

Regardless of the circumstances, children often experience deep feelings of hurt, anger, and depression when two families join together. In this touching book focused on children from blended homes, author Maxine Marsolini uses her experience in a blended family as well as advice from recognized experts and candid stories from children to teach the art of stepparenting.

What Readers and Reviewers are Saying: This short but useful book helps you manage one of the most difficult aspects of blending a family: the kids! Those of you who remarry when your children are older (beyond school age) probably don’t realize how much less stress you face on a daily basis. I’ve read three of this author’s books and all are helpful, practical, and strong. This book specifically targets parents, so it may not apply to all remarriages. But if you are trying to raise children (his, hers, ours) there are tips and ideas here that will help you move forward. Readable, interesting, true to life, and well-written. a great choice if you’re blending a family and struggling with the way your kids are adjusting (or failing to adjust) to all the changes. Lauren, Apple Valley, CA

This book has more information for families blended through divorce and remarriage than through death of a spouse. I still found good information, and timely reminders of the ways I can show love to my step-kids. I especially appreciated the lists in each chapter of how to incorporate the advice on an age-appropriate level. I’ve been the mom in a blended family for 13 years now, and still learned plenty! (Amazon review)

Midwest Book Review: Written by American Association of Christian Counselors member Maxine Marsolini, Raising Children in Blended Families is a guide especially for Christian parents facing the unique challenges of a blended family and being a stepparent. Presenting testimony both from children affected by divorce or remarriage, and from experts on how best to help children deal with grief or anger, and how to make the adjustments to a new way of living. Raising Children in Blended Families also upholds the role of faith in God and Jesus Christ as a key to finding faith, stability, and nourishment of the soul. An excellent resource that blends equal measures of piety, practicality, testimony and psychology.

ISBN 978-0-8254-3355-9