Strive for excellence in all that you do.

Don’t be the one who settles for second best. Rajiv Chelladurai, author of Wisdom Workout, says: Mediocrity is a choice. Excellence is an acquired attribute and a pursuit. He goes on to say, Rewards and recognition are good but excellence should be the purpose and the goal. It will cause you to be different from everyone else.

What does it take to strive for excellence?

There’s no substitute for making the right choices. And we can’t chart that path without identifying what we strive to be excellent at. This is our beginning point. Am I trying to be a better parent or an amazing wife or husband? How can I give work my best effort, create a new product that makes a difference, cook healthy meals, save money, make the Dean’s list, lose weight, understand God’s word better, or write that next novel, … the list goes on. What will it take to reach the excellent goal? Lots of hard work and dedication top the list.

Excellence is a personal decision.

It grows in those who possess a learners attitude. They aren’t happy with a life of ho-hum mediocrity. There’s a desire to achieve more; to do something that stands out. Arrogance isn’t part of attaining excellence. Folks who think they know-it-all lack a learners heart; they don’t really know-it-all. Humility is the true demeanor of people who are serious about stepping up to their highest potential. There’s no shortcut for research and study. Take a class, read updates taking place in your career field, find a support/mentor group of like-minded people. Pray.

What am I naturally good at?

Some of us are born artists or musicians, math comes naturally, good cooks, or prayer warriors. Some possess entrepreneurial skills that can be put to use encouraging small businesses to succeed. Whatever the talent God has gifted you with, it will turn toward excellence when honed. There’s a time for learning new techniques, gathering insights, meeting with mentors, staying up late, and staying the course.

Recognize there’s a big downside to mediocrity.

Excellence is the opposite of mediocrity. Mediocrity can be brought on by fear, lack of concern, procrastination, or simply not feeling adequate. Whatever keeps us from expressing our inner passion to achieve our best at home, in relationships, or at work will lead to a life of mediocrity rather than excellence. Oh, we might be able to get by, but we’ll miss the mark of reaching our full potential. Some of life’s best blessings come when we push beyond what scares us to tap into what’s lying dormant. Bring that potential to the surface. It longs to be set free.

Fight for excellence

Fight through the temptation to live a life of mediocrity and choose to do what it takes to accomplish excellence wherever your sphere of influence takes you.