Tame those sweet-talking idols. What is an idol? Are we aware of our idols? Can an idol become an addiction?

All addictions are idols and all idols are addictive. An idol is simply anything or anyone we depend or rely upon instead of God. (Reverand Jared Pingleton, PSY.D)

Some might think of an idol as a popular celebrity, current pop singer, or a statue fashioned by an artist. According to Reverand Pingleton, idols and addictions are what we use to temporarily medicate distress or pain, or what we turn to other than God when we’re hurting.

This subject hits close to home for many of us; if not all. Because the topic of idols is important, what about those computer games we just can’t stop playing, after work drinks with friends, TV, or staying late at the office? Any reoccurring habit (we all have our list of habits), allowed to interfere with what really needs our attention, should be questioned and dealt with. Some repetitive things are completely innocent and necessary, like brushing our teeth or grocery shopping. Others take on a darker nature.

Idol worship can destroy relationships if not brought under control.

What do we crave more than prayer or family time? What are our biggest temptations? Where do we run to find pleasure? Is it ice cream, golf, texting, exercise, sports, fast cars, time alone, shopping, monetary gain, or one more alcoholic beverage? Are we over-medicating with prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds, or recreational choices? There are as many temptations, turned idols, turned addictions, as there are individuals. Mine won’t be the same as yours. An activity might start out innocent enough but over time consume our thoughts. Before we know it, we’re hooked—looking forward to the next encounter with our favorite idol. And sometimes the source of our pleasures may need professional help to overcome.

If so, resources can be found on this website  http://www.rebuildingfamilies.net/links/

The best way to tame any idol is to draw close to God.

For me, digging into God’s word and prayer brings balance. When I see God as the only One worthy of my worship, everything else is a chasing after the wind; providing a false sense of fulfillment. Yes, it’s nice to have things and enjoy activities if we remember to keep the interlopers that bring with them the potential to become an idol in check.


When we seek God first, our relationship with Him and others improves. We gain wisdom to figure out how to live our lives with a healthy balance. God first, family, work. Start by creating lists that help you see what’s important and what’s not. Be honest, serious, and unselfish. In the end, peace often follows actions.

Psalm 16:11 You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.