Every day heroes are among us . . . and in plain sight. Might they be “you” and “me”?

What makes a hero?

Being your own hero is about rising to the occasion and being the best you can be. Striving toward being a hero in your own life means living with purpose and conviction, helping others, and being a leader.

Heroes are not necessarily those on the front lines doing big things that gain public attention. Yes, we need the first responders, inventors, military might, and national problem solvers. But every day heroes are just as real. They are the people who do the mundane day-in-and-day-out little things that keep life moving forward. Can a mom or dad be a hero? Most definitely. Changing diapers, making school lunches, keeping a steady job. Those are all hero qualities.

Heroes show up. Heroes stick around. Heroes clean up messes they didn’t create. Heroes find ways to show love and encouragement. Heroes live with integrity and healthy core principles.

Heroes at school

Can a high school student be a hero? Yes. Age isn’t the issue. Students can look out for other students, be a voice that stops bullying, set a good example, and not follow the wrong peer group just to be liked.

Seven Traits of a Real Hero

  1. A real hero is humble and honest
  2. A real hero is courageous; he/she overcomes personal fears to accomplish a greater good
  3. A real hero is motivated to take action when action is needed
  4. A real hero is acquainted with his/her strengths and weaknesses
  5. A real hero is a safe haven; a soft place where others can find comfort and a listening ear
  6. A real hero doesn’t look for recognition but finds satisfaction in doing the right thing at the right time
  7. A real hero knows there’s more to life than self wisdom; he/she often seeks God’s input

What would happen if every one of us saw a hero in ourselves? I believe families, communities, and nations would be blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.