Life is too short not to love what you do, so do what you love. God-ordained desires are what we’re most passionate about. [1]

When we actually love what we do, we are living in our sweet spot. Work doesn’t feel like drudgery. Happy is the one who is using the gifts God has given them to fulfill their life’s work.

What keeps the dream job from falling into place?

Many of us don’t know what we want to do because we feel the need to put the expectations of others first. Our days have fallen into a pattern that crowds out what we want to do with things we label the “have to” dos. Parenting is important and can’t be ignored. Diapers need changing. Cooking meals is necessary, too. There’s the laundry to wash and fold, carpets to vacuum and trash to take out. Taxiing youngsters to after school activities . . . the list is exhausting.

Money can stand in the way of us not doing what we’d love to do. Bills need to be paid. That’s the harsh reality of life. We might think it’s impossible to leave a job that’s got a good wage and benefits to pursue what we feel gifted to do. Why not step into the dream position more slowly before really giving up the good job? That makes it possible to get your foot in the door and gives you time to evaluate the changes that might place. For example, you’d like to be a music instructor but are currently working as a dental assistant. Find opportunities in the community that allow you to participate in a musical capacity.

Education is sometimes a big hurdle to overcome. But don’t let that thought become a roadblock. Begin to look into online courses or community colleges. Talk with those who already work in the career you long to be a part of. There could be opportunities to get on-the-job training.

Discover what you love to do and do it.

If you long to be a top-notch chef, working as a gas station attendant won’t be fulfilling. Taking a job just to pay the bills is noble, but don’t lose sight of the bigger dream. To love what you do can mean taking a risk and changing jobs. In anticipation of future change, begin to save money now.

There are ways to figure out what you are pre-gifted to do. Personality assessments can be a useful part of that process.

What is it that makes you feel like getting up each morning? What is tugging at your heart? Do you long to go back to school and get that bachelor’s or master’s degree? Do you dream of starting a nonprofit organization that helps where help is needed?

It will take courage.

It’s going to take courage to live in your sweet spot doing what you’d love to do. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find a bounce in your step that makes you glad you made the changes.


[1] Whisper, by Mark Batterson, 2017, p. 83