Mother’s Fury—Releasing the Trauma of Childhood Abuse

by Maxine Marsolini

ISBN 978-1-937844-20-2

Ellechor Publishing, March 2016.
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Growing up with an angry mother leaves behind not only physical, but emotional scars. For those raised by a harsh mother, who denied them love as a mother should, home life became a world of dread. Childhood should not be filled with pain and fear.

Mother’s Fury goes behind the closed doors of dark secrets, acknowledges terrible wrongs, and encourages victims to uncover their own story―to feel worthy of love.

Charles Rice was able to lose the chain of lies that once held him a victim of mommy abuse. Be encouraged that you can, too. The chain of generational child abuse, that has hurt your family so deeply, can stop with you. You are no longer a helpless child. Today you are an adult, fully loved by God and, with His help, able to live as God intends you to live. You have the power to overcome the past and become a significant blessing to others. Are you ready for fresh hope and joy? This book will help you leave a legacy of worth behind.

What the Reviewers are Saying:

“However awful the realities of child abuse are, there still remains hope for the victims, both young and old, and this is the powerful message Ms. Marsolini brings to us in her book. At the close of each chapter, are exercises designed to open the doors to healing and freedom from the pain of childhood abuse. Solidly anchored in the truth of Scripture, and in good therapeutic activities, the opportunity is presented for the reader to begin the journey to wholeness. While many victims of childhood abuse will need professional help beyond the scope of this book, I strongly believe that Mother’s Fury is a valuable and important statement that hope and healing can be found for the victims still suffering from the wounds of their childhoods.” – James R. Baker, M.A., CADC-1